St. Louis Sports Day

The Frasier Bowl


Seattle vs. Boston.

It’s almost like the football gods put Dr. Frasier Crane in charge of the championship.

See, the good doctor was on Cheers from 1984-1993, which was set in Boston and then had his own show in Seattle from 1993-2004.

And now with the Patriots taking on the Seahawks, it’s like “When Everybody Knows Your Name” vs. “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs.”

This Super Bowl may be a metaphor for Kelsey Grammer’s character. On one side the Patriots are the older more established team that may have not stood the test of time and on the other the Seahawks are the new and up and comers that may be better sharper more hip version.

Both shows were great, but Frasier was just a bit better.

Much like the Seattle Seahawks.

So take the Seahawks tomorrow but a nose.

And if you disagree feel free to put it in the comments.

As Frasier said, “I’m listening.”