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Former Spirits of St. Louis Owner Schupak, David Stern Among Investors in New Sports Video Platform

Spirits of STL

David Stern and Donald Schupak were on opposite sides of a bargaining table over the years as the long gone Spirits of St. Louis continued to get their massive rights payout from the NBA year after year. Now the two are united, ironically in another sports and video venture.

On Wednesday, SportsCastr.Live, a live streaming platform that allows users to be color commentators and enables viewers to select which sportscaster they wish to have call, recap or make predictions on a game announced their launch and high level investors, Stern and Schupak among them. The list also includes Jim Boeheim, Syracuse University Head Basketball Coach, Vernon Davis, two-time NFL Pro Bowler and Washington Redskins tight end.

For Stern it is the latest in a series of investments in the tech space, but one of the few that brings him back with one of the men who helped forge one of the greatest non-playing windfalls for any business entity on any level, as the Spirits owners continued to receive payout for decades after the team folded with the NBA-ABA merger. That money has helped fund numerous businesses, of which SpostCastr.Live is the latest.

“When it comes to game broadcasts, fans want what they want, on whatever device they want, whenever they want it.’ Now, SportsCastr.Live adds a whole new dimension by giving viewers an-other choice: announced by whomever they want…even if it is themselves,” said Stern in a statement. “This platform will redefine what it means to ‘call a game.’ Think about it: you can stream the game, watch it in VR, get real-time stats and info, etc. Now you can choose your broadcaster and that person has access to all the bells and whistles necessary to deliver a ‘network quality’ broadcast.”

The platform differentiates itself from other live video platforms like Periscope or Facebook Live by offering sports broadcast features that used to only be available in a studio setting. This includes the ability for users to enhance their streams with real-time scoreboards, on-air motion graphics and augmented reality…making it look like they are live on TV, regardless of their location.

SportsCastr.Live is currently in public beta and is available for free on the iTunes App Store. Users can also access the platform via the web at

While the Spirits are long gone, their legacy and impactfulness continues.