St. Louis Sports Day

REELY, Blues Team For Automated Content


REELY, the leading computer vision and deep learning sports technology company, has announced a development partnership with the St. Louis Blues to enhance the live highlight clipping and distribution experience at hockey’s highest level.

“The support we’ve received from the sports tech ecosystem of St. Louis has been key to our success so this is a natural extension of that relationship.” REELY CEO Cullen Gallagher said. “The Blues are focused on enhancing the fan experience and they saw our company’s value at the earliest stages. We’re excited to innovate together because their input is hugely beneficial to our progress.”

Based in Santa Monica, CaliforniaREELY utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to watch sports and create highlights automatically. The system can “learn” what specific plays look like, such as goals or big hits, and generate a highlight clip.

“We’ve been impressed with REELY’s vision for leveraging AI technology in order to better curate game highlights to use across our platforms,” said Matt Gardner, Senior Director, Digital Strategy for the St. Louis Blues. “We look forward to continuing to work with the REELY team on developing a product that will enhance our efforts and deliver this highly-coveted technology all across professional and amateur sports.”