St. Louis Sports Day

Cards Preview March 3 As Part of SiriusXM MLB Series


Today through March 24, the MLB Network Radio channel on SiriusXM will deliver listeners a comprehensive 2021 MLB season preview series that will feature 30 exclusive and in-depth shows, each focused on one of the 30 major league ballclubs.

The Cardinals will be previewed on Wednesday, March 3.

A new episode will air each weeknight at 10:00 pm ET, Saturdays at 9:00 pm ET and Sundays at 10:00 pm ET, with each one-hour preview focused on a different MLB franchise.  Listeners will hear one-on-one interviews with players, coaches and executives from around MLB, and SiriusXM hosts – which include former players, general managers and other experts – will examine rosters, offseason acquisitions and trades, and each team’s prospects for the season ahead.

SiriusXM hosts conducting interviews and sharing their analysis will include former general managers Jim Bowden, Jim Duquette and Steve Phillips, former major leaguers Eduardo Perez, Ryan Spilborghs, Brad Lidge, CJ Nitkowski, Steve Sax, Mike Stanton, Kevin Frandsen and Xavier Scruggs, as well as Mike Ferrin, Casey Stern, Tyler Kepner, and others.

Each show will air nationwide on the 24/7 MLB Network Radio channel on SiriusXM, and can be heard anytime on the SiriusXM app (

MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM – Season Preview Broadcast Schedule: (All times ET)

Tuesday, Feb. 23 (10 pm ET):  Blue Jays

Wednesday, Feb. 24 (10 pm ET):  Astros

Thursday, Feb. 25 (10 pm ET):  Twins

Friday, Feb. 26 (10 pm ET):  Rays

Saturday, Feb. 27 (9 pm ET):  Dodgers

Sunday, Feb. 28 (10 pm ET):  Athletics

Monday, Mar. 1 (10 pm ET):  Padres

Tuesday, Mar. 2 (10 pm ET):  Brewers

Wednesday, Mar. 3 (10 pm ET):  Cardinals

Thursday, Mar. 4 (10 pm ET):  Mets

Friday, Mar. 5 (10 pm ET):  Marlins

Saturday, Mar. 6 (9 pm ET):  Angels

Sunday, Mar. 7 (10 pm ET):  White Sox

Monday, Mar. 8 (10 pm ET):  Nationals

Tuesday, Mar. 9 (10 pm ET):  Braves

Wednesday, Mar. 10 (10 pm ET):  Giants

Thursday, Mar. 11 (10 pm ET):  Rockies

Friday, Mar. 12 (10 pm ET):  Cubs

Saturday, Mar. 13 (9 pm ET):  Royals

Sunday, Mar. 14 (10 pm ET):  Rangers

Monday, Mar. 15 (10 pm ET):  Mariners

Tuesday; Mar. 16 (10 pm ET):  Diamondbacks

Wednesday, Mar. 17 (10 pm ET):  Pirates

Thursday, Mar. 18 (10 pm ET):  Indians

Friday, Mar. 19 (10 pm ET):  Red Sox

Saturday, Mar. 20 (9 pm ET):  Orioles

Sunday, Mar. 21 (10 pm ET):  Phillies

Monday, Mar. 22 (10 pm ET):  Yankees

Tuesday, Mar. 23 (10 pm ET):  Tigers

Wednesday, Mar. 24 (10 pm ET):  Reds

** Schedule subject to change.**